Monday, 19 March 2012

Clear skies end winter

Monday 19th March 2012
So that's where it rises these days.
The last sunrise of the winter.
A beautiful, clear and sunny day. Unfortunately, I was stuck inside at work all day. I relaxed in the evening by watching the piglets. They are much more active now, running around and beginning to playfight. They already do that pig thing - if you've ever spent any time with pigs you'll know what I mean - that pig thing where they all freeze at once for a few seconds, then spring back into action. I'd be surprised if somewhere in the country there's not a traditonal children's game based on this most peculiar phenomenon.
Here's a couple more cute piglet pics for you to look at.

By the way, they're £40 each if you want one. £35 if you catch me in a good mood, or I could throw in a pack of bacon.

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