Sunday, 25 June 2017

Let the courgette chaos commence!

A few images from the last couple of weeks. This is my way of catching up on the blog.

All the lambs together for the first time,
enjoying the lush grass growth in the first sheep paddock.

The white chicks get the run of the whole chicken enclosure.
They'll have to hold their own against all the other poultry now.

Sheep separated again, after last year's ram lamb taught the two brown lambs
to duck through the electric fence.
They are enjoying the mound left when we had the drive scraped back.

Ladybird (and manbird)

8 chicks safely hatched out of 18.
I'm beginning to think one of the hens may not be producing fertile eggs.
But which one?
The first courgette of the year. Let courgette chaos commence! 

Swiss Chard, Lettuces, Courgettes and Butternut Squash all thriving in the polytunnel.
Temperatures have regularly exceeded the thermometer maximum (125F) recently.

When the old turkey hen went missing from her roost perch,
I found her sitting on a new clutch of eggs inside one of the houses.

As usual, the geese have completely cocked up rearing their young.
We are down to one gosling, with Christmas dinner written all over it 😃

Twitch on! A day away on the Sussex coast to catch up with an Elegant Tern,
a Pacific species.
This year has been fairly quiet for twitching so far so an away day in the sun was most welcome.

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