Sunday, 19 March 2017

I know I keep saying it but.... SPRING IS IN THE AIR!

The customary annual almond blossom photo.
13th March 2017
The equinox is coming up fast and this is when the smallholding goes into overdrive. All the groundwork should have been accomplished over winter. Now the grass is starting to grow at an alarming rate, the soil is warming up, buds are bursting, birds are singing, poultry are laying, ewes are waddling.

On a good day I can get the rotavator into the beds. A string of good days and I will be dusting off the lawn mowers - what chance they work?

And today was one such good day. Buzzards circled in the sky, bees buzzed around busily and a chiffchaff sang all morning from the copse.

A weeping willow - just a giant pollen bush for the bees

 The day didn't end badly either.

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