Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Reclaiming the egg.

It's been a good year for eggs so far. It's not yet the end of March and we're getting about 15 chicken eggs a day. That's over 60% production, if you want to see it in those terms.

Now there is a huge difference between the eggs that properly free range hens produce and anything you can buy in a supermarket, even so called 'free range'.
Firstly, commercial chickens are bred specifically for maximum egg production. Presumably there is a size, shape and colour which it has been calculated that the public prefers. But the prime consideration, I'm sure, is egg production, even if that is at the expense of variety, quality or, most importantly, the chickens themselves.
I'm not saying that the producers have to be overly sentimental. I don't really expect them to keep all their old broilers into old age, but some degree of balance would be nice. But then eggs would cost more, wouldn't they, and not many people care to look past the headline price.

But what I really don't get is that the public are not actually getting proper eggs. They don't even know what an egg is supposed to look like or taste like. I get the price thing, these are hard times for many. But at what expense?

Nobody would buy an insipid, pale, runny, tasteless orange. So when did we come to think that this is how an egg should be.

So this post is just to reclaim the egg! And not just the chicken egg. No more words are necessary.

Here's one that went a bit wrong!
I posted this on Facebook as
"giant steals blue egg".

A duck egg omelette and a giant fried goose egg. All our eggs are this colour, or even oranger.

One day's chicken eggs.
The beautiful feather is a guinea fowl's.
Their eggs come later and are delicious.


  1. Entirely agree. I like the look of those Scotch eggs.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one!
    Those Scotch eggs are actually Welsh eggs, a zesty vegetarian version. The recipe can be found in this post http://talesfromswallowfarm.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/welsh-eggs-and-olde-english-cyder-cake.html


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