Sunday, 15 February 2015

A short friendship for a lonely lady

This is a sad tale of a lonely soul who has finally found friendship.

Some time last year, a peahen moved into Don's back garden. Since then he has been feeding her and she has settled around. She laid eggs last year and called for a mate, but to no avail. Romance was not to be, for finding an available male peacock in the middle of The Fens is not easy.

The peahen now spends more and more time on our side of the road and even, occasionally, ventures over into the veg garden. But last week I found her mixing it with the two turkeys. I couldn't make a close enough approach for a photo though, so the moment passed. To be fair, the two turkeys are very happy with each other and the friendship was, I think, all in the imagination of the peahen.

Today I looked down towards Compost Corner and spotted one of the turkeys displaying, it's tail raised up. They are both females, but occasionally they still make the effort to display. The other turkey was just getting on with pecking around... and so was the other turkey! Three turkeys???

Then I realised, this displaying bird was in fact the peahen. In a desperate effort to make friends she was hanging out with the turkeys again and doggedly displaying to them. She was so prepossessed with making friends that she didn't spot me until later than usual. Even then, she didn't panic and hurry off, she just ambled regally away.

But I stalked her, using the compost bins as cover, and finally managed to catch a half-decent image of her.

So, why is this story a sad one?

Well, this is a friendship destined not to flourish. For just as it is about to blossom, the turkeys are about to meet their maker. They've had the turkey luxury of witnessing Christmas. They've seen snow. They've even worked their way into my and Sue's affections.

But they have to go.

And with them vanishes the peahens chances of friendship. She will go back to her lonely vigil in search of a mate.

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