Tuesday, 13 January 2015

What happened to all the cornflour?

Afternoon Plan:
Protect and label new fruit trees.
Transplant last year's soft fruit cuttings.
Dig up and move various volunteer hawthorns, ash saplings and laurels.

Actual Afternoon:
Put the fire on.
Stay warm and snug.
Do computer stuff (emails, this blog etc)

Well, I guess it is January and, hardy as I am, there's no point getting sopping wet and freezing cold unless you really have to.
This morning went well though. It started with a check-up at the dentist, not my favourite place, especially considering that I knew there was going to be bad news. For when I woke up one morning about a month or so ago, my teeth felt strange. There was something missing, a strange gap into which my tongue could not stop poking and sharp edges which weren't there before. I presumed I had lost a filling. I presumed I had somehow swallowed it in my sleep, as there was no sign of it now!
Of course, by this morning that strange gap felt just like a normal part of my mouth. I had gotten used to it being there.
As it turns out, it was a broken tooth (still don't know what happened to the broken bit, or when it broke) and my dentist, who is quite nice as far as dentists go, announced that she was going to fill it there and then, so that I didn't spend weeks worrying about the procedure. I guess you have to be cruel to be kind.

So, by 10am I was walking round Morrisons searching for cornflour and unable to ask anyone for fear of biting into the numb half of my face! As it happens, they had run out of cornflour. Every time I need specific ingredients for the Blokes Baking Group, there is always one which I can't get. But cornflour! Why should anyone run out of cornflour? This necessitated a detour to Tesco's. They had run out of the big packs of cornflour too! I ended up paying through the nose for a smaller pack. I would have been seething if I had actually needed to buy two packs for more than the price of one big pack.
Anyway, the shortbread will now happen on Friday...as will the doughnuts.

Next on the list was lemon grass, for I am also hosting the Veg Group this weekend and top of the crops is Celeriac. I am planning on three different soups. One of them is Thai, hence the lemon grass. Now, buying such exotic ingredients anywhere in The Fens is always fraught with problems. Fortunately I struck lucky. I know from experience not even to entertain such hopes in Holbeach Tesco, but Morrisons came up trumps, and I got limes too. No ginger though.

In between the two supermarkets, I stopped off to buy the seed potatoes for the Veg Group. 200 kgs of them altogether! So I guess that after I've finished this I'll start weighing out what everyone has asked for.
Final task was to buy some Christmas trees. I know. I know. But every year the baby rooted trees get sold off at a local garden centre. Last year I got 12 for £10 (I actually got 36). This year I only wanted another dozen, but they had gone up to £1.50 each! In protest, I only bought ten (even though I did actually need twelve and will probably end up buying some more expensive ones from somewhere else!)

Well, the sleet has stopped, there's even a little sunshine and it's time to feed the chickens. I might just stop by to admire my newly replenished orchard on the way. More on this another time... and those potatoes.

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