Monday, 24 November 2014


At the last count, 110 people like me.

Well, to be a little clearer, they 'liked' my Facebook post when I announced that I'd managed to cross an octopus and a parsnip to create Octoparsnip.

Of course there were various suggestions for marine life/vegetable crosses... I'm sure you can make some up of your own.

There were also plenty of people who had managed to grow similarly monstrous parsnips. Some attributed this to stones in the soil, but stones in my veg plot are rarer than hens' teeth.
They also say that too much goodness in the soil causes root crops such as carrots and parsnips to split, though I've also read that this old belief has been scientifically discredited. Who knows?

My suspicion is that maybe I just didn't dig deep enough. I can't remember whether I just churned the surface with the rotavator or dug deep with a fork. Not that it really matters, but a conventional parsnip is certainly easier to peel.

Mind you, I can grow them conventional too.

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