Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Meet Goliath The Giant Gosling


You can almost see Goliath growing!

For a few hours he (or she) was called Gary, but it reminded me too much of someone I know with the same name, so instead I have decided to call him Goliath. Quite fitting this name really. For he is, after all, a Giant Dewlap Toulouse and will hopefully attain the same statuesque figure as his father, George. And it certainly seems that Golly is heading that way as he doubles in size every week. I have calculated that this cannot continue or else he will be 150 metres tall in ten weeks time!

Goliath is fast becoming a pet. Since the loss of his sibling he has become even more reliant on us and spends all day calling for us, only going silent when he knows we are there. Given the chance, he follows us around everywhere. He has been to the vegetable garden, the chicken pen, the back garden, the front garden, the kitchen... I had not realised how flat-footed a gosling could be, but when he crosses the kitchen floor his feet flop, flop, flop on the slate surface. This is quite useful really, as it means you don't forget he's there and accidentally step back onto him.


Funniest of all though is the fact that Goliath has also imprinted on Angel, our adopted black and white moggy. She was, after all, present with Sue when he hatched out of his egg. He runs up to her and tries to peck her on the nose. She runs off and he goes flip-flopping in pursuit across the kitchen floor. Hilarious!
Angel looks on with a weary eye

My usual view of Goliath

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