Sunday, 10 November 2013

House Refurbishments...for Daisy

What a beautiful day it was today! A bit nippy, but you'd expect that on a clear November day.
But earlier this year when the weather was slightly more inclement, the winds whipped the roofing felt off the top of Daisy's shelter. It wasn't a major issue, just another job on the list. A job which I never quite got round to. Daisy does have a more conventional ark too, but between her and the multitude of other pigs which have passed through, they have managed to almost totally destroy it. Mind you, it was half rotten when we inherited it. She still uses it sometimes, but more in the summer for shade. It is certainly not weather proof.
But when I saw Daisy attempting to make alterations herself, I started to feel a twang of guilt for not getting round to the job.
So today I dug out some old roofing felt and wheeled it down to Daisy's pen, along with a tub full of roofing tacks, some wood, a saw and a hammer. Daisy was, as ever, all too keen to help. Her gentle nudges almost sent me flying! She then affectionately shook her muddy head, splattering my face with speckles of mud.


The new felt going on

Daisy approves
This time, I learned from the past and screwed a couple of old planks of wood over the join in the felt. I then painted this with some bituminous paint - like spreading thick, gooey treacle. Hopefully it will keep Daisy dry for a good few winters yet - or whichever animal replaces her when she goes.

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