Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The edible lawn mowers

Onto the sheep. They've grown very well indeed and I've sorted out the electric fencing so that I can graze them right to the bottom of the land. This will be the last cut for the grass this side of winter, so I've been strip-grazing them. When they've clipped the grass and eaten out the sow-thistles, I move them to a new area of lush greenery. They always delight in the first day's grazing a new area, though it's a wonder they don't make themselves sick!

I'm hoping that we can get all the way back down to the back lawn before it's time for the four woolly lawn mowers to go off - they're booked in for the end of this month. I've managed to sell all eight halves and have plans to keep about eight next year. I'm sure that the people who buy a half this year will all want a half next year too and we have a good while to find customers for the extra ones we plan to keep. I'm also thinking about keeping a couple through next winter, so that the grass is being cut as soon as it starts growing in the spring.

I will be sad to see the sheep go this year. I often spend time sat on a hay bale just watching them. It's a very peaceful place at the bottom of the land, at least until the sheep decide to start eating my jumper and trousers that is!

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