Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The last piglet

The last piglet
On Sunday we sold half of our last piglet, which was the reason for my visit to the butchers on Monday.
In fact it was one of the most pleasurable sales I have made as the buyers are potential future smallholders and we invited them for a look around our little venture. We seem to be getting a lot of visitors lately! I hope they were suitably impressed and inspired.

The sale of half a pig does, however, leave us with a not so small problem... the other half of the pig. To be more precise, the freezer space for half a pig. We certainly need to make sure that most of the four lambs get sold before they go off in late October, otherwise it'll be like trying to squeeze the whole of Noah's ark into a dinghy! Meanwhile we are trying to eat away a suitable space in the freezer but I keep appearing with armfuls of veg to be processed too. Fifteen portions of courgette and mint soup went in yesterday, though Sue did manage to turn the rest of the courgettes into a rather tasty chutney.

Not to worry though. We have a master plan.

Winging its way to us is a Weston burger press, for we plan to get our half of the pig mostly minced so that we can get creative with burgers.
These will provide another outlet for our pork, but more importantly they will be much more space-efficient than oddly shaped legs, shoulders and bellies.

Unless, that is, anyone out there wants the last half pig? If anyone is interested, you'll need to get in contact in the next three weeks. For I reckon it'll be at least a year before we get any more piglets in.

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