Friday, 8 March 2013

Thanks Speckledy

Speckledy, how we will remember her.
Today I found a rather sorry sight when I went down to the chickens. For there was Speckledy perched in the shelter looking none too well, hunched up and listless.
I left her to see what developed, but when I returned later she was lying on her side in the dirt and the other chickens were beginning to pay her some most unwelcome attention- they can be so very merciless.

Speckledy was one of the original hens which came with the farm and has served us very well. But now it was clear that she was not long for this world. So I carried her down to the stables and laid her to pass away in peace.

Sue shed a tear for her. I have become more hardened, but of course I am still sad. Speckledy had her own character. She was always very gentle and would often take herself off to roost alone.

She will be missed by both of us.

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