Wednesday, 6 March 2013

From The Himalayas to The Fens

I've been away from the farm for a week or so, indulging myself in some birdwatching in Northern India.

Sunset in the Himalayan foothills
I am in awe every time I see the Himalayas

I never realised they were only an inch high!
A White-breasted Kingfisher tries to swallow a baby turtle
Back-seat driver.
I had a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable time in the company of two good old friends. However, Sue was left to look after the farm on her own so the break was a relatively short one.

Returning to frost wasn't too much of a shock, as nights in the Himalayan foothills can get rather chilly too.
A day and a half's journey home had taken it's toll on me though. As I drove through the farm gates, it struck me what Sue and I have built for ourselves. There's just one final push to be made with the house renovations.
But building work hadn't progressed as much as I had hoped. The very expensive limestone tiles we spent ages choosing for the upstairs shower had turned brown. The plumber was being a complete arse
It didn't take long for a spot of post-holiday blues to set in.

I have now visited India five times and every time I visit I am fascinated by the people. For much of the place is noisy, dirty and overpopulated. Most people have very little, though it's not as poor as it used to be. Yet most people seem totally accepting of whatever goes on around them.

Every time I visit it acts as a remedy to the pressures of our society.  It reminds me that it is far better to be happy with what you've got instead of unhappy about what you don't have.
Not to say that hard work and ambition don't have a place. But so many never take the opportunity to sit back and enjoy where they've got to.

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