Monday, 18 February 2013

Strange lights in the night

Remember this?

Well this bullock has obviously gotten a taste for the open range. Last week I spotted him happily munching away at the edge of the pond in the field opposite our house. He was behaving pretty much as a deer would.

Keeping a couple of sheep this year reminded me of the wild origins of these farm animals. They were remarkably nimble when they wanted to be.

I have put the number of the cows' owner in my phone, so gave him a courtesy call to let him know his bullock was on the loose. The biggest worry is that it strays onto the road - it wouldn't be the first time that cattle from the Settlement Field have played havoc with the traffic.
I don't know how country folk spot anything that happens, but the hapless owner of the cows was already on his way. Having said that, I saw a 4x4 driving up and down a track far away, but I don't think they ever worked out quite where their bullock was hiding.

The next day, there were two bullocks out!

All that was last week and I thought nothing much more of it. That is, until last night I was somewhat concerned to see what appeared to be a torchlight flicker and flash outside. My first thought was that we had an unwanted inquisitive intruder in the dark. But surely the outside light would have come on. And the front gate was closed - it would take quite an effort to get to our farm without a vehicle.

Then I realised from where the flashlight was emanating. For in the field opposite was quite a light show as three or more beams of white swept to and fro over the field.

I guess those cows were out again.

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