Monday, 14 January 2013

White Out!

I quite simply can't let this pass without comment.
For today we woke up to white. OK, not a lot of it, but it doesn't happen that often.
For some, it was a first.

Tentative first steps


Others achieved almost perfect camouflage.

Thank goodness the builder decided this would not be a good week to install the new windows! But the plumber did turn up to remove another three radiators. That's six gone now, to leave room for the new windows and wall insulation to go in, but it only leaves us with one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom.
Thank goodness for the woodburners!

So the snow came overnight, as forecast, but then began its slow thaw. That is, until a fresh blanket unfurled itself over this flat fenland countryside early afternoon. As I write, perfect snowflakes are piling up, already a couple of inches thick.

The early flakes need a bit of luck to last long, need to land somewhere dry, or on another flake. But as the snowflakes get a foothold over the ground, so settling and lasting gets easier.

Of course, in a few days it will all be gone and all we'll have left to remember it by will be a few muddier pathways. A small inconvenience for such an amazing phenomenon. At the grand old age of forty-six, I still get excited by snow. It still makes my heart race. I can still sit staring for hours as it flutters its way to the ground.
However, I am now most definitely too old to want to play in it any more. Stinging, frozen fingers and numb toes have lost their appeal.

And I have discovered that if I set the camera to flash, I can capture forever the occasional flake as it falls in front of the wintry landscape.

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