Monday, 21 January 2013

Thank goodness for the woodburner

Last Monday I posted a few snowy pictures to celebrate the first significant fall of the year.
Well, since then it has remained cold by day and night but we've had no more snow...
until this...
View across the fields.

I am fond of this sort of weather, but it has been rather challenging.

Firstly, there's the slight inconvenience that our phone line has been down for a few days and we have tortoise-like internet to boot.

Then there's the fact that just before the snow we had most of the radiators removed from the house. This was so that the new windows could be installed, the walls thermal-lined and the new rads installed. Trouble is, the new windows cannot be fitted with the weather as it is.

The one inhabitable room in the house.
So we have been living, eating and sleeping in our very cosy lounge, kept alive by the woodburning stove.

More logs required

All around us, rooms stand in a state of semi-repair. But gradually we are heading back towards normality. As soon as the builder is back from his enforced break, we should get another two rooms operational. This should mean just about enough room to store all our belongings, without the necessity of lugging drawers, sofas and wardrobes from room to room every evening as the builder needs access to each different room.

Back to the snow though. For the blanket left draped over the ground last night was a covering of perfect snow - not too wet, not too powdery. In fact, perfect for this...

Meanwhile I have just seen the forecast for this next week. By Friday the max temp is going to be minus 4 and minus 8 at night. And that's probably in the towns.
Maybe those windows won't be going in just yet after all.

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