Monday, 17 December 2012

Chilling out

Monday 17th December 2012

Gerry is quite a nervous cat. Or perhaps I should say a particularly wary one. For in his life he has had to negotiate his way around many dangers; a variety of farm animals; tractors and combines; the hoover...
In particular, he is not at all keen on change, or on loud noises. So we were naturally concerned for him when the building work was due to start. How would he cope? Well, to be honest, it put him out of his stride for the first couple of weeks. He would hide up or wander around miaowing.
But as the realisation came upon him that actually this new challenge came with new opportunities, such as access to loft spaces and wall cavities previously beyond reach and undreamed of, he gradually came to accept the constant change, and even to tolerate the presence of the builders.
But the best time of all is when it's all gone quiet again and we can cosy up in the living room, fire roaring, world shut out.
Chill out time.

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