Monday, 5 November 2012

The pig that built a nest

Monday 5th November 2012
Sunday 4th November 2012
It never stopped raining.
Not what we needed.

and this...
Todays' post is dedicated not to what I got up to, but is instead the story of what Daisy got up to today.

There was lots of this...

Lots of this...
and this...

For today Daisy was nest building. This consisted mainly of snuffling around, picking up mouthfuls of straw and repositioning it. She seemed to be sifting through it too, maybe taking out the spiky bits and any food remnants.
In between, she would lie down and have a rest. Those teats are looking heavy now. They almost reach the floor!
Oh, I forgot. She decided to reposition the Mexican hat water trough too.

Once the straw quality was to her satisfaction, she then proceeded to shape her nest.

I distracted her with some apples while I rigged up the heat lamp.

So let's hope something even more exciting than the fireworks goes off tonight!

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