Thursday, 13 September 2012

Home-reared pork and sausages now available!

Daisy and the girls. The boys are all gone now.
Thursday 13th September 2012

Last week we took the two young boars off in a trailer and this today they came back in a couple of cardboard boxes.
How to fit two pigs in the back of a car!
They weighed in at 37kg and 38.9kg. Pretty small, but I expected that given that they are a mix of traditional, slow-growing breeds and they had to go off at just under six months old to avoid boar taint.
I am pleased with the meat though. Not too much fat at all, but enough to give it succulence and moisture.
This is how the meat comes back from the butcher.
All I have to do is price it up and put it in the freezer.
I have used a new butcher this time around, Tan Rose in Parson Drove, and they have made a very careful job of their work. I have also gone for smaller joints and packs of meat as most of my customers are couples for whom a large lump of meat is just too much.

Tonight we'll be eating fresh liver, a lovely part of the pig all the better for being fresh. I can't wait to try the sausages too. Maybe for breakfast tomorrow.

And if anybody local wants to try some too, just pop in to the farm.
Here's our pricelist.

Swallow Farm
Pork & Sausages

Now available in smaller packs and joints , ideal for two.

Price List

Whole Pig £4.50 /kg (40-50kg)      Half pig £5 /kg (20-25kg)          Quarter Pig  £5.50 /kg


******  Traditional Sausages ******

£3.60 per pack of 8


********* Pork chops (packs of 2 chops) *********

only £2


***** Pork Shoulder (crop or hand ******

Joints from £3.60 - £6       


************* Pork Belly & ribs ***************

From just £2.50 to £3.80


********** Leg joints ***********

£6 - £9 each


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