Monday, 18 June 2012

A new look AND comments boxes.

Monday 18th June 2012
What a glorious start to the day! With my muscles aching big-time from yesterday's endeavours I decided to have a lazy day.

A blog redesign
What started out as minor tinkering ended up being a full overhaul. Don't be surprised if it changes again - I need a while to let it sink in and assess whether I like it.

Do let me know what you think!

And on that subject, I just spent hours trying to sort out the comments system. I have seen other blogs where all comments display at the bottom of each post and I like this. It seems more friendly and interactive, more like belonging to a community.

Internet searches and trawling through blogs led me to attempts to tinker with the template code of this blog. In my hands, anything could have happened as I've decided I am now old enough to let technology sprint ahead of me!

Anyway, when I searched for the lines of code that should be there, they already were.
So more internet trawling. More lines of code to check. And all there!

Then a brainwave!

When I view an individual post, the comments boxes are there. But when I scroll through several posts, they've disappeared. In my trawling I found plenty of people looking for similar advice and plenty who got the same result as me. Could this be the answer after all?

The upshot is, you now get ONE POST AT A TIME. I've shifted the post archive up the page on the right so that it's easy to access my other posts.
There is a balance. I know this might be a bit of a pain, but I'm hoping it's one of those changes that, after a while, you forget was ever any other way. And the benefit. Well, hopefully added interest with lots of comments streams.

Well! What are you waiting for?

Go on!

Let me know what you think...

(I so hope this works...)

ed... also a LinkWithin gadget, should eventually lead you to related posts. Just give it a bit of time to get working. Goodness knows what it will find to start with, before it has crawled and trawled my site.


  1. What a fantastic blog. Brings joy to my day!


    OK...It's me really.
    Just testing it out.

  2. Bloody hell. Why's that last comment not displaying?

  3. NOW IT IS!
    Seemed to take a few minutes to come through.
    Sorry for swearing.

  4. I;ll just sit back and listen to you talk to yourself ;)

  5. Brilliant. Thank you!
    Think my old brain has figured it out.
    If you click on a month on the archives, you get all the blogs and no comments displayed (You have to click on the inconspicuous 'comments' word at the bottom).
    But if you go for ONE post, you get COMMENTS in their full splendour.

    Today has clearly sent me over the edge!

  6. Testing testing one two three. How is Gerry recovering? More worried about him than you and Sue : ) xxx

    p.s. love the blog too

    little sis

    1. Hi sis.
      Gerry is very good now. Took some photos of him today. Have put them on the blog.
      Me and Sue are fine too, since you sort of ask!

  7. Nice to find out what you do all day!



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