Monday, 14 May 2018

If Only All Rainy Days Were Like this

Tuesday 1st May
The Worst Weather Forecast Ever
I was super surprised to be able to mow the lawns yesterday. For the forecast was for heavy rain and strong winds all day. We must have been right on the edge of it, for we had a dry day with not a spot of rain. There was a gusty breeze in the morning, but even that had calmed to a steady blow by early afternoon.
Having missed out on the opportunity during the recent warm weather, I grabbed the chance to start up the lawn mower for the year.

I went over the lawns again today, collecting the clippings and using them to mulch the blackcurrant bushes and raspberries. Then my attention shifted to the other lawnmowers, the sheep.
The three rams needed to move back up into the main sheep paddocks and I hoped they would settle in quickly without hassling the ewes or their lambs too much.
As it was, the operation went very smoothly and the flock is reunited successfully.

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