Sunday, 11 June 2017

Parsnips and Leeks allowed to Flower

Thursday 1st June
A few images from the veg patch
We never got through last year's bumper crops of parsnips and leeks
so I have left them in to flower.
They are a great attractant to predatory insects such as hoverflies.
Globe artichokes in amongst the grasses, poppies and Scorzonera flowers
The geese protect their two goslings along the edible hedge
A hoverfly doing its job
on one of the
polytunnel melon flowers

Friday 2nd June
Sue did a mega rhubarb pick again today, probably the last harvest of the year. We will leave it now to capture some energy for the plants.
I am looking forward to sampling the rhubarb and fig chutney when its ready. Meanwhile I'll have to settle for a nice bit of rhubarb crumble.

While Sue was busy with that, I put the finishing touches to the brassica netting, where I will grow the members of the cabbage family which demand a long period in the ground, cauliflowers, winter cabbages and Romanesco.

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