Saturday, 29 April 2017

Wool Day

There's been a bit of a sheepy theme lately - understandable as it's lambing time - so I'll carry on with it.
A bit out of order here, for the week's new lamb took priority, but last Sunday saw us at the Fenland Smallholders Club Wool Day.

Club members demonstrated wool crafts including needle felting (kept Sue quiet) and peg looming. I list these two as they are the ones where something recognisable can be achieved with the least skill level!

Our peg looming did not progress much
over winter, but Gerry has become impatient
waiting. At least he seems to have already
given it his seal of approval.

What fascinated me though was the demonstration of natural wool dyeing. I had no idea that by using different fixing chemicals (known as mordants) you can get different shades from the same plants.
Dyeing the wool was a surprisingly quick and easy process and the natural dyes give such wonderful colours.

I am now formulating plans for a dyer's garden!

Meanwhile, back on the farm, our new lamb has discovered its very own sheepskin rug on which to keep warm!

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