Monday, 12 September 2016

City dwellers invade

Saturday 10th September 2016
This weekend Charlie has come to visit. That's Charlie who came to live with us earlier this year while his owner was in New Zealand, Charlie who was responsible for Hot Cross Bun-gate, when all three dogs had to go for a very expensive trip to the vets to be put on a 24 hour drip after somebody had stolen a packet of hot cross buns. Several hours later, Arthur had started vomiting. Raisins can be highly poisonous to dogs.
Charlie has brought with him not only his owner and another adult friend, but a child and two young adults too. The farm is busier than it has ever been.
Typically, it has decided to chuck it down with rain all day, but the dogs and the city kids have still managed to get outside and meet all the animals. The youngest was heard to ask his dad "is this a real house?" Not sure what that says!

Chaos comes to the farm

Sunday 11th September 2016
Early Sunday afternoon and our visitors have departed. We managed to palm off some of the monster cucumber and tomato harvest on them and Sue's generous catering has cleared some useful space in the freezers.

Everything is very, very quiet on the farm and the dogs are sleeping after keeping the children busy.
Our sickly sheep is looking on the up.
In a moment I'm off outside to clear the sweetcorn plants and dispose of the outdoor tomatoes, which have finally succumbed to blight in this late surge of muggy September weather.

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