Saturday, 21 November 2015

Storm Arthur

What's been going on at Dowse Farm recently?
Well, we escaped Storm Abigail, but Storm Barny swept through with gusto one night. We're used to wind here on the fens though, so we've learned what needs to be tied down. We escaped Barny with just one dustbin lid blown across the garden and one raspberry support post snapped at the base. Easily fixed.
Anyhow, since when did storms have names in this country?

But we have been the only farm in the country to experience Hurricane Arthur combined with Hurricane Boris. The combination has kept us busy for two weeks now.

Arthur and Boris
Pinned down by Arthur
Gerry keeps an eye on the new arrival

A spot of team whittling
We're not up to anything naughty. Honest.
Don't be deceived by those innocent faces
Arthur is a feisty little chap
He's not really asleep
These are MY toys
Throw the ball.
Throw the ball.
Throw the ball.
. Wait for me. I'm coming too

Boris is our delightfully good-natured labradoodle. He's not featured on the blog for a while, but he has grown considerably and is loving life on the farm. But he has destroyed all of his toys. Even Fimble, his one time protector, has gone by the wayside.

So it was time for an altogether more long-term toy for Boris. We asked him and he requested a Jackadachadoodle!!!
That's the product of a Jack Russell/Dachsund and a Toy Poodle. We used to call these things mongrels. He's not going to grow very tall, which is why he's called Arthur Dog.

Boris likes his new little brother and Arthur likes his new big brother.

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