Tuesday, 2 June 2015

And the winner is... cuter than the goslings... cuter than the lambs...

Boris is the reason why there was a two week gap in posts to this blog, for he is pretty full-on! He has been in the occasional scrape and still doesn't quite understand the rules, but he is already proving to be a very good companion for me while I am beavering away in the garden, even if he does somewhat slow me down.

He is absolutely adorable and turns the toughest of old blokes into a complete softie. Boris has everything he could want. He is spoiled rotten, but his favourite toy is a black garden pot which is rather too big for him. He is rapidly acquiring a taste for sticks too, so the gale force winds of the last two days have brought a bounty of branches crashing to the ground. Today Boris made a major misjudgement, jumping through his doggy gate while holding a stick which clearly, to the trained eye, did not fit through said gap!

Anyway, the pictures say it all.

1 comment:

  1. Hi John

    He is completely adorable. I am glad to see he is getting his humans well trained! A real heart stealer.

    Enjoy every moment



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