Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Second place for cuteness goes to..... the lambs.

It's a month now since our Shetland ewe kept us waiting for 41 hours before giving birth to two gorgeous little lambs.

The girl lamb, who was first born, has always been much smaller than the boy, but she makes up for this with her boldness. She is always the first to investigate new things, the first to go straight up to new people or animals and the first to find a way out if there is one!
This occasionally results in her coming face to face with unexpected threats.

It wasn't long before I let the lambs outside with mum. They moved into a small paddock with just one other ewe, their aunty, whose motherly instincts had been heightened since she lost her lamb.
And there they have frolicked and played for the last few weeks. They still feed greedily from mum, but have started grazing too and nibbling the bark off willow branches.

They have also learned to run and jump and spring and leap and climb. In fact I'm sure they have spring coils hidden in their back legs. To watch them gambling around in the paddock is a joy.

They have names now too. Mutton and Geoff! The boy, obviously, is Geoff. The girl is Mutton... and at some point she will be!

So, if the goslings and the lambs couldn't claim first place for cuteness, just who or what does take the title?

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