Saturday, 24 January 2015

Friday Night is Bake Night

Back in 2012 I resolved to see every sunrise of the year. It was hard work at times but worth every bit of effort. It is an experience which I shall never forget. And if you're wondering, I missed one!

I still sometimes see the sunrise, especially at this time of year. It is after all a very special time and every sunrise brings something new with it.

Sometimes we need to push ourselves to develop. I'm not one for tradition, but it does seem that the New Year Resolution is a good way to do this.

So, for 2015, I've decided to do more baking. I already run a Blokes Baking Group once a month, but I've decided that every Friday evening is for baking. I won't go mad about it. If something else comes up, then so be it. (Particularly if it is a rare bird which could have me heading off to any far-flung part of the country at a moment's notice!)
But the principle is that I plan to bake most Fridays.

So today was my first Friday Bake and here's what I made:

A traditional wholemeal Cottage Loaf and a batch of Orange Biscuits.

Usually I post up links to websites where my recipes come from, but I've decided this year to make more use of the ranks of cookery books I've accumulated.
I really don't want to copy out all the recipes, but if you're desperate then please do get in touch.

The recipe for Orange Biscuits can be found
in this book, one which I go to often
for my baking inspiration.

The Cottage Loaf comes from this delightfully
old-fashioned book, available used on Amazon
for 1p (+ postage)

On the subject of New Year Resolutions, I also made all of the Veg Group commit to promises (veg related) at our gathering the other night. They are written down and will be revisited at the end of 2015! My gardening resolution was to keep up the succession of my carrots and beetroots all year. There were plenty of others I could have made and I'm not sure that I haven't made the succession resolution once before!

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