Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Oh Golly!

30th April
4th May
16th May
Goliath, the goose that doubles in size every week, is growing up fast. He still follows us everywhere, but has become a little more independent, occasionally wandering off to nibble on some delicious bit of greenery. He has very eclectic tastes in leaves. He has been banned from the polytunnel, since his feet are so big and he just blunders about with no concern for the well-being of my precious seedlings.

Golly now has most of his first feathers, has developed a noticeably Roman nose and his wings are getting longer by the day. He has discovered that he likes water too. In fact, he loves water, swimming, splashing, dipping, somersaulting.

I have managed to leave him in the loose company of the other geese a few times too. I wouldn't exactly say they've adopted him yet, but he's come through unscathed.

9th June

Today Golly is spending his first day alone outside, protected within a run, and some time this week he will start staying out there at night. He's getting far too big for his dog cage on the hearth. But he's still not too big to enjoy his cuddles or nibbling my hair. Or to be carried around when his legs are tired.

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