Friday, 14 March 2014

George and The Girls

George and The Girls on patrol this morning
I've been meaning to update you on George and The Girls for quite some time now. They've settled in well.
George is a confident young man and I regularly have to square up to him to show who's boss. Having said that, he was (fairly) gently nibbling at my clothes as I was pruning my newly planted hedge the other day. So maybe he just doesn't quite know how to be affectionate yet.
The first egg laid in the new house.
Halfway through construction
of George's new house.

Biggest news is that the girls have started laying their golden eggs. 
For this reason they have had to move out of the stables... which means that I finally had to get round to constructing the shed which had been sitting for months waiting for its big moment.


I am still trying to keep the grass as short as possible by grazing the geese over different areas, so George and The Girls have been down to meet the chickens and ducks, they have had free reign in the veg patch and they have even seen our sow, Daisy (who is still not in the freezer).

Every morning now, the two sets of geese engage in a bout of mutual honking at each other before heading off to their respective bits of the garden.

The white Embdens are laying well too. Their eggs are for selling and for eating. We're leaving the Dewlaps' eggs in their nest (which grows in height day by day) in the hope that one of the girls decides to sit on them. But we'll probably attempt to hatch some out in the incubator too.
Elvis escaped the threat of having to sit on goose eggs. She is, though, currently sat on a dozen blue eggs from the Crested Cream Legbars. In fact they are due to hatch this Sunday.

Elvis is looking forward to her new clutch hatching.


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