Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Shadowy figures

Does Gerry have a night-time counterpart?
Regular readers or those who know me will know that Geronimo, or Gerry for short, is the only survivor of three kittens which we originally had. The others, unfortunately and very sadly, were victims of the road.

Last time we had snow (and that's not this winter) Don, whose house is on the other side of the road, told us that he'd seen Gerry padding through the snow in his garden. This came as heartbreaking news to us, for if Gerry was crossing the road it would only be a matter of time...

However, the next night I found footprints all around the house, yet Gerry had not been allowed out. I began to wonder if there could, in fact, be a mysterious cat in the neighbourhood. It would certainly have had to come a long way. And that was that. I've been wondering ever since....
Until three nights ago.
The outside light went on. When this happens, I like to just peer outside and check that the gates are still closed. Sometimes I see a rabbit hopping about on the driveway, but mostly I see nothing. But three nights ago I received a great surprise when a black cat scampered off as I looked through the window. Mystery solved.

Another shadowy figure has been making more appearances of late. The peacock is regularly this side of the road. I grabbed my camera to try to get a photo, but it is behaving as if almost wild. It quickened its pace and disappeared through the hedge. This is all I could get.
Anyway, this morning I was chatting across the fence to Don when I noticed that Mr Peacock was strutting around not too far away. Apparently he has become used to Don's fluorescent yellow jacket! Not only that, but he was in the company of several of my guinea fowl. Apparently they had surrounded him earlier, as they bravely do when faced with an unknown, but he had raised his tail making them all scarper! I think, though, that he may eventually make friends, at least with the guinea fowl, if not me.

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