Saturday, 27 July 2013

New Arrivals

There have been some cute arrivals on the farm recently.

The first goes by the name of Angel. She is a ten year old black and white cat, very small and very friendly. We always said we would have to think long and hard about taking in another cat, what with the heartache of losing two on the road. But Angel's owner is off on a big adventure and Angel has no home. Even the rescue centres wouldn't take a ten year old, so it was come to us or go to the vets.

Now Angel was very friendly when she first moved in,  but she has not taken a liking to Gerry. He is absolutely desperate to play with her and has been very patient and restrained so far. He has spent over a week gradually getting closer and closer to her, only to be met with growling, hissing and the occasional side-swipe of the paw.
Not only that, but Angel has turned into a bit of a feminist, deciding after a few days that she's not going to trust me either!
Ah well. Old cats are not known for their adaptability so we will just give her the best home we can and as much time as she needs to get used to it.

And if she's scared of Gerry and me (both as soft as anything), goodness knows what she'll make of the other new arrivals when she finally gets to meet them.
More unwanted waifs.

Our favourite animals are the ducks, and we now have seven wandering around clearing up the slugs in the veg patch. For yesterday we collected three white girls from a fellow smallholder who no longer wanted them.

First steps into the new home.

First contact with the Cayugas

Our drake Cayuga was very quick to hear the soft quacking of three new girls and wasted no time introducing himself. His current three girlfriends looked on in bemusement as he ditched them and spent the rest of the afternoon courting the new girls. When I say courting, there wasn't much gentlemanly behaviour going on! He (we really must give him a name) was most insistent and most persistent.

The grass is always greener!

In hot pursuit

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