Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Feelin' Hot Hot Hot.

Finally a proper summer. Yesterday, after a couple of cloudy ones, it was into the 30s here. It must be two weeks of hot weather we've had now and the temperatures just seem to keep cranking up. Occasionally we get the benefit of an east coast breeze or some North Sea cloud cover, but often as not the sky's been solid blue from morning till night. And I love it!

But it's not without its challenges. Keeping the animals amply watered takes longer than usual, and we're having to use metered tap water as the water butts ran dry long ago. Most of the vegetables and flowers are well enough established to have sent their roots down far enough to find moisture, but the cracks are opening up and we could do with some rain to swell the crops. The young plants I need to get in the ground are having to wait too. It's like a desert out there.

In fact, one muggy sleepless night last week I got up at 3:20am, watered the last four empty veg beds and filled them with young brassica plants and nasturtiums.

But I mustn't moan. Not after last year.

So, instead, here's a few pics of how the piglets keep cool. (These were taken last week. Two have gone off now. But, as you can see, they had a pretty decent life while they were here.)

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