Monday, 29 July 2013

A Veg Plot Full Of Flowers


I like my veg plot to look good as well as being functional.
It should be a place to enjoy, both for me, others and the wildlife (though I seem to spend most of my time trying to ward off various forms of wildlife!)

So this year I decided to allocate some beds just to flowers. These have not been overly successful, mostly overcome with weeds before the flowers could show themselves. But I've gradually weeded out the unwanted.
Besides this, I've always encouraged French Marigolds / Pot Marigolds (calendulas) to grow in amongst the vegetables. They make excellent companion plants, warding off all sorts of nasties. So many self-seeded this year that I actually had to transplant some and weed others out to allow enough light and space to the vegetables.
I've planted plenty of African Marigolds (tagetes) too. These are an even better deterrent. I think they may even be keeping the rabbits away from nibbling some of my beds.

When I think about it though, it doesn't really make that much sense. I plant some flowers to keep insects off and others to attract them. Some flowers to attract beneficial insects such as ladybirds, bees and hoverflies. Others to ward off carrot flies, flea beetles, greenfly and blackfly.
Nasturtiums are supposed to
attract blackfly away from the veg crops.

More nasturtiums


I think I'd have to be very lucky for the flowers I've planted to achieve the right results, but they certainly brighten the place up.

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