Thursday, 23 May 2013

Pesky Rabbits

Apologies for yesterday's post - it was a bit gruesome.

If it was too much for you, then I suggest you look away now! For I came in from the polytunnel yesterday afternoon to find Gerry, that sweet little cat of ours, devouring a rabbit on the lounge carpet.

Our Gerry has a killer streak, his Mr Hyde. Even as a kitten, when he had two brothers, the three of them were capable of catching (and eating, always from the head first) surprisingly large rabbits.
We always know when Gerry has had a rabbit as he disappears upstairs and sleeps it off for hours on end.

Young lovage plants, now protected behind a fortress.
Now those rabbits may be cute, but if you saw the state of my lovage plants, lovingly reared since last year and planted out into the finest soil, prepared with blood, sweat and tears... if you saw the carnage as they lay uprooted and left to wither on the ground, then you would understand why I did not feel too much pity for the rabbit.

Gerry has now all  but cleared the rabbits from the dyke, but there is still one which has found its way into the veg patch. It often scarpers from the rhubarb patch and scurries to safety under the compost bins.

If I find out this is the animal which chewed all the leaves off my blueberry plants, just as they were getting going for the first time, and then chewed the main stem too, then I will not be held responsible for my actions. Meanwhile, I have already carried Gerry down to the rhubarb patch where he had a good sniff around before a sharp shower had him scampering back inside.

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