Friday, 24 May 2013

Catching up with the pigs

It's not often that I laugh out loud (and shoot me dead if I ever abbreviate it. lol!)

But the other day I stood by the polytunnel chuckling away to myself. For I could hear the piglets barking -  they more often make this sound than an oink - and I could see them haring around in circles, chasing the guineafowl! The guineas have clockwork legs which carry them with surprising speed, but they were still getting a good run for their money. It took them a while and a good amount of protestation and indignation before they thought to take flight and perch on the fence, continuing to complain in the loudest way possible.

Anyway, this reminded me that before my recent technological meltdown the pigs were still in their stables. But I did manage to take some nice piccies when they finally got to see the big outside.

Thankfully the pig enclosure has dried out significantly since then.
The boy has gone off too. Boy pigs face a tricky choice, either to have their bits chopped off or to head to the butchers before their six months birthday. Otherwise their developing hormones taint the taste of their meat. This boy did get one extra week in this world, thanks to a bank holiday. It doesn't seem to have affected the meat, which is selling very well.

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