Saturday, 9 March 2013

Three Woodcocks!!!

Slicing our own bacon with Sue yesterday evening felt good. This was what it was all about and went a long way to curing my post-holiday blues.

But today things got even better.

Building work progressed well. At one point we had four vans in the drive. (Not, of course, the evasive plumber though). I even managed to overcome my fear of heights enough to scale the scaffolding which went up for the chimneys to be rebuilt.

The view from up top

As I went out in the semi-dark to lead the geese into their stable, three birds flew low over the stables. They were clearly visible against the moonlit sky. My first thought was that some of the guinea fowl had got over-excited and had embarked on a most ambitious flight.

But it took just a couple of moments to realise that htese dumpy birds were smaller than the guinea fowl and had long, straight bills.

Three WOODCOCKS!!! Amazing.

Farm tick number 105.

To confirm my identificatin, they uttered their distinctive high-pitched squeaks before gaining height to cross the road. I think they went back down in amongst Don's trees.

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