Monday, 11 March 2013

A Secret Egg Stash

When I returned from India recently, there was a note waiting for me

John, check the big chicken house. I found 12 eggs in there yesterday!

Of course, since then there's not been an egg laid in the big chicken house.

But as I came back from the chickens this bitterly cold morning, I happened upon one of Elvis's hens clambering through the gate on her way out of the goose paddock. The thought crossed my mind to check the goose house (which they've never used) and lo and behold, there, nestled in a depression in the straw, lay eight perfectly uniform eggs.

This hen had obviously been keeping this little house to herself for quite some time.

Unfortunately, when I don't know how old the eggs are, I don't like to use them, but Daisy will appreciate the protein. She eats them whole, shell and all.

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