Monday, 28 January 2013

Big thaw sparks optimism

Optimism is in the air!
With the house refurbishment reaching a turning point, last night's driving rain turned the landscape from white to green. OK...  green with a good few puddles.

An inevitable ending.
But can you spot the nose?
Happy ducks

I certainly wouldn't bet against another cold snap, but the sight of green grass again and odd patches of blue in the sky has got me raring to go for the new growing season.
I just can't wait to get out there and turn those veg beds. But until it dries out a little more I'll satisfy myself with sowing a few salad greens in the polytunnel.

Green grass for the geese

More good news too, this time on the pig front, as I have now shifted seven of the eleven piglets, including all the boys. A sudden bout of interest has left me with four girls to rear for myself. A perfect result.

The piglets enjoy a fresh bale of straw
before some of them go off to their new homes.

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