Monday, 28 January 2013

A different view.

The recent cold weather hit us at just the wrong time, just as the new windows were due to go in and just after the radiators had come off the walls. A week of temperatures on the wrong side of zero (daytime) and as low as -9 put a halt to the window replacements. This put a halt to the insulation slabs being fitted onto the inside of the walls. This put a halt to the walls being plastered. And this put a halt to the radiators going back on.
A chain reaction which led to a rather uncomfortable week for us.

Just to add to our misery, the phone line has been down for over a week and my broadband is snail-pace.

But this week has seen us, hopefully, turning the corner. The windows have gone in upstairs, which means that wardrobes, drawers and beds can start to creep back towards where they belong. This means we can finally get to our clothes again!

Then the downstairs windows came out - on the day of the second wave of snow. Our only habitable room turned into this...

Room with a view!

View from the lounge.

As a second wave of snow swept across the country...

Our hard-working builders
(shortly after beheading the snowman!)
Fortunately those rather large holes in the wall were filled before the snow came. With any luck, we'll have our heating back just in time for the weather to warm up.

But it feels like we've reached a turning point now. There'll be plenty more dust, interruptions to normal services and upheavals, but it feels like we have reached the top of the hill.

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