Monday, 31 December 2012

The 366th Sun Rise

Well, sadly there was to be no final blaze of glory.
No, in terms of sun rises, 2012 went out with a whimper.

Monday 31st December 2012

There was time for just one more December deluge today.
It seemed rather fitting that I should spend the last day of the year getting thoroughly muddy and pretty cold and wet too.

For the chicken enclosure, like everywhere else, has gradually been getting muddier and muddier. Although the chickens have free range over the whole farm at this time of year, I decided that they need somewhere close to home where they can get a little shelter from the wind and find some dry ground to scratch around and dust bathe in. So I put a couple of old pallets, a dismantled old shed and a couple of sheets of plywood to good use and knocked this up...

After all my hard work, it was nice that some of the chooks appreciated my efforts.

The Polands and Legbar hens
quickly discovered the new hang out today,
taking shelter from the driving rain and howling winds.
The guinea fowl, on the other hand, are clearly prospecting for something better.
I think they are getting fed up with nightly drenchings and batterings perched in the open up on the fence. But that's where they keep going back to.

Looking on the bright side, the forecasters are predicting an end to the downpours in 2013.

I've got a good feeling about next year.

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