Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Chocolate is named.

Tuesday 18th December 2012

Yesterday's sunset was 1 minute later than the day before. This is a significant point in the year, for the nights are no longer drawing in. The days will still get shorter, just for a while more, as the sun still rises later and later each morning.

Having commented a couple of days ago that the chocolate eggs seemed to have come to a halt almost as soon as they had started, guess what I discovered today! Yes, a beautiful dark brown egg. And in honour of these eggs, I have decided upon a name for our French Copper Marans hen.

From now on she will be known as Chocolate.

This is a big moment for her. For being named represents a promotion in the flock. And it's not just a promotion in our heads, for Chocolate has switched allegiance and joined Cocky's harem. This ensures her protection within the group of hens who stay together under the watchful eye of the old cockerel.

It will be interesting to see what happens as the other pullets come into lay over the next couple of months.

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