Monday, 31 December 2012

A Year of Sun Rises

Some mornings it takes the sun a while to break through.
On Saturday 13th October 2012 it was well worth the wait.
I ended 2011 by making the somewhat rash resolution to see every sun rise of 2012. As it was I saw 365 of them and missed one! It's been a memorable thing to do and I will make a point of watching the sun rise more often from now. It's really quite a magical thing.
But will I repeat the challenge of seeing every one in 2013? No! The occasional sleep-in will be much appreciated. And those 4 o'clock starts for weeks on end in June and July lost their novelty value after a while.

I ended up photographing almost all of the sun rises too, though by December I was tiring of grey, featureless skies so decided to give the camera a break.

Looking back, I actually saw the sun rise 136 times in the year. That's just over a third of mornings. Others it was obscured by a low bank of cloud on the horizon, but for many the sky was simply grey, grey, grey.
But that's not surprising really, as it's been the wettest year on record. Who could have imagined that on April 5th when a hosepipe ban came into force?

And which month yielded the most sun rises. Here's the final table.

Jan - 13                        Feb - 9                       Mar - 10                     Apr - 9
  May - 8                         Jun - 15                      Jul - 17                      Aug - 13
  Sep - 17                        Oct - 7                        Nov - 8                      Dec - 10

July and September did well, but just look at April, May, October and November.

Anyway, without any further ado, here are some of the best.








Looking back, it's been worth every early start.

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