Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Wild, wet and windy...and more wet

I do try not to moan about our good old British weather. I try to live by the seasons and accept the extremes.

But COME ON! When is it ever going to stop raining? At least we're somewhat protected here from the worst excesses of flooding, but that doesn't prevent the ground being totally sodden.

There is plenty of standing water in the fields and the dyke at the end of the land has more water in than at any time since we moved in. The ducks and geese don't seem to mind, but the rest of the poultry are not so impressed.

And the poor pigs are wallowing around knee-deep in mud, though if they really didn't like it there's still dryish ground they could move onto. As soon as I can clear a stable room I'll move them inside for a while though, if anything else to give the land a chance to recover.

Tuesday 27th November 2012
Grey skies after another very wet night

If only the dyke had this much water
in all the time (I'm thinking wildfowl)

Good job the chicken houses
are on stilts.

Imagine the wader list if it had been
like this back in late summer



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