Sunday, 11 November 2012

Now that the Zwartbles are gone

Boy, the abattoir was busy this morning. We joined a long queue to drop off the Zwartbles and it wasn't too long before we were towing an empty trailer back to its owner.

Lovely as the sheep were, they could sometimes be a right pair of thugs. I had to leave the gates to the veg garden open, otherwise they just blundered right through the fence. And I couldn't leave the doors to the chicken enclosure ajar, otherwise they trotted straight in and pillaged all the feed, knocking everything flying in the process and terrifying the poultry.

Next year I'll be better prepared for containing them.

Sunday 11th November 2012
We bade an icy farewell to Number Ten and Number Eighteen.
But today spelt freedom for the ducks, chickens and geese. (The guinea fowl already freely hopped the fence).
The ducks quickly waddled into the veg garden and began devouring all the juiciest morsels. I am hoping to move them into here, even in the spring when the chickens will again be banished on account of their determined scratching and scraping the ground.
The geese have grazed their paddock to a fine green baize so will welcome the lusher grass of the veg garden now. And the chickens get the winter to wander around the whole farm.

All the poultry have a new found freedom to roam.
They are already making the most of it.

When I'm not so busy managing the house renovations, I'll grab a few minutes to dig the veg beds and apply manure so that winter can break down the soil. This will be when the birds come into their own, greedily scoffing every pesky grub which is brought to the surface. Shame I can't tell them exactly which ones to eat and which ones to leave be.


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