Saturday, 20 October 2012

Pumpkins galore!

Saturday 20th October 2012
Just before sunrise
Just after sunrise!
Same view.


Under today's ever changing sky, I collected in the last of the pumpkins. The pigs got a couple too, those which had imperfections (rotting away) and would not store. They were very appreciative.

Most people have machines for this type of work...or at least a donkey!
I love it really. Keeps me fighting fit.
These are Pumpkin Hundredweight.
These pumpkins are going into the polytunnel to dry off and ripen a little more before they go into a cool, dark, dry place (the garage) for storage.
We'd better get used to pumpkins with our pork! Though various strains of pumpkin soup, pumpkin jam, pumpkin pie and pumpkin cake are also in our plans for winter survival.

The smaller pumpkins have done rather well too. Baked and stuffed they make an attractive and delicious talking point when people come over. We've been giving a few away to our pork customers. One couple, when presented with a pumpkin from the basket on the kitchen table, were greatly surpised that it was real. They thought they were plastic and merely for decoration!! It was one of Sue's prize-winning pumpkins though.

Jack-Be-Little, Potimarron, Turk's Turban, F1 Sugar Mixed
+ a couple of courgettes, the last of the year.

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