Friday, 12 October 2012

Chicks growing up fast

Thursday 11th October 2012

Main event of the day was letting Elvis's brood out of their run to join in the fun with all the other poultry. I kept an eye on them for a while, just to make sure none of the cockerels took a dislike to them, but it was quickly clear that they are strong and independent little things. I have witnessed this at feeding time, when they literally climb over my hands and arms to be first into the feed bowl!

Elvis keeps a watchful eye over her brood.

The chicks were very bold
and quick to explore.

Priscilla and her 3 chicks.
They've started to get their wing feathers now.
I should be able to work out their parentage soon.
Meanwhile, Priscilla is quietly getting on with raising her three chicks. They are in the high-rise coop for now, as Elvis has the other coop with a run.

The 2 Crested Cream Legbar hens along
with the ridiculously hair-styled Polands.
The previous chicks, the two Cream Legbar hens, are doing very well too and are taking on the form of proper hens. It won't be long before I separate them off with the Cream Legbar cockerel to make a trio. The trouble is, the two enclosures I can put them in are taken up. The ducks have one of them, though they'll be moving into the veg patches once I've cleared the beds a bit. The other has been adopted by the guinea family, still with eleven fast growing keets. However, they all roost in a row on top of the fence rather than in the house now. Seven keets have to rough it out while four get the shelter of their parents wings.

On the left: we still have eleven healthy keets.
On the right: Two Cream Legbar hens, two Polands
and the stripy one is one of Priscilla's last brood.
How quickly they grow!

Friday 12th October 2012
A grey morning following yesterday's rain.

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