Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Weasel Juice is Pungent

Wednesday 26th September 2012

Weasel Juice is Pungent
I must mention something that's just this very moment happened.
Every now and then I hear a familiar high pitched squeak to announce that Gerry has brought in a vole. Occasionally it's more of a squeal (rabbit).
Well, I was just disturbed from my computer by the most ear-splitting screeching. For one awful moment I had visions of a rat on the loose in the house. But no, Gerry had again caught himself a weasel! At least his third.
I'd rather he didn't, but as I've said before Gerry is needed on the farm for rodent control and I can't exactly teach him to only catch certain species. As long as he doesn't catch too many, the weasel population will probably end up just the same anyway.
Fortunately this time I managed to chase Gerry out of the house and make him drop the young weasel, which bounced around confused for a couple of seconds before heading for cover. I returned to a VERY smelly house - reminded me of when the woman at the table top sale had a ferret with her, except even more pungent.

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