Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Thirteen keets

Tuesday 11th September 2012
Wednesday 12th September 2012

I am just about recovered from a long, long weekend away on the Hebrides. Yesterday morning the Spotted Flycatcher was still making aerial forays from the ash trees. They swoop out and back in a characteristic loop, plucking some small insect from the air along the way. However, I've not been able to relocate it since. While looking for it later in the roadside hedge, which is full of red hawthorns and dark elderberries now, a chiffchaff, a whitethroat and a blackcap appeared at various points though so birds are clearly on the move through the farm.

Sad news today as, on return from work, I could only count thirteen guineafowl chicks in the wet grass with their parents. The chicks have been getting more and more independent, but this has led them into more dangerous situations. Unfortunately I found the missing one drowned in the ducks' pool. It must have clambered up onto the pallet which acts as a ramp and couldn't get out once it fell in the water.

On a more cheery note, Don harvested his maincrop spuds last week and gave me a barrowload of rejects for the pigs. However, I have discovered that the geese are quite partial to them too, so the pigs now have to share.

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