Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Meet the fencing team

Wednesday 8th August 2012
High pressure is on its way

Left to right:
Mr Spade, Grabber, Thumper, Bubble, Lanky, MC Hammer and Mr Driver.

All male characters I'm afraid.

Mr Spade - you've met him before. An old friend, recently returned from reconstructive surgery. Always having a dig.

Grabber - official name: Post Hole Digger. Likes to get down and dirty. Most useful when your arms become too short to reach the soil at the bottom of the hole. Saves those back muscles too.

Thumper - a real heavyweight. Main use - compacting the soil so it fits back in the hole where you've just taken it out from!

Bubble - a level-headed character. Lots of spirit. Often to be found horizontal.

Lanky - reaches the parts other spades cannot reach. Best friends with grabber.

MC - a hard-headed character. Another old friend. Really hits the mark.

Mr Driver - always looking for a new post. A super heavyweight for putting those fenceposts in their place.

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